Russian Hackers Break Into Australian Medical Center Data, Demand $4,000 Ransom

Dec 10, 2012 | comments

Australia medical practice has been held to ransom by a group of Russian hackers. The hackers encrypted the practice’s patient database, rendering it unusable until decrypted.

Russian Hackers Break Into Australian Medical Center Data, Demand $4,000 Ransom

Hackers are demanding a ransom of $4,000 to decrypt the sensitive information held on a server at the Miami Family Medical Centre,noting that scammers tend to go for a low-yield, high-volume approach to increase their chances of a payout.

The practice in question is Miami Family Medical Centre, whose co-owner David Wood believed that anti-virus software was enough of a protection against intrusion and other security threats.
Cases like this should serve as a wake-up call for businesses to get proper security advice from professionals — particularly those responsible for sensitive medical information. When you deal with information like this, ignorance is not an excuse.

An IT firm has been called in to try to recover the information from backups. After analyzing the encryption system, experts have concluded that – although it’s not recommended – the only solution to recover the encrypted data might be to pay the ransom.
In the meantime, the Miami Family Medical Centre continues to operate, but the task is not easy without patient records.

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