Bitcoin Miner Malware Posing as Trend Micro AV

Dec 10, 2012 | comments (1)

Beware of Trojan Disguised as Trend Micro Component Drops Bitcoin-Mining Malware,almost always comes in disguise, but some malware peddlers try to do a better job than others.

Malware Posing as Trend Micro AV
Malware writers have devised lots of social engineering tactics to lure users into their scheme. This time around, we saw a Trojan passing itself off as a Trend Micro component as a way to trick users into downloading and executing it.

Trend Micro researchers have recently uncovered a piece of malware that tried to pass itself off as "Trend Micro Anti Virus Plus Anti Spyware.

Unfortunately for whose who get fooled, the software in question is a Trojan that creates the process svchost.exe and downloads additional malicious components such as a Bitcoin miner application created by Ufasoft. This particular application will, unbeknownst to the victim, use the infected system's resources to create Bitcoins for the people behind this scheme.

As always, users are advised to avoid downloading software from unknown websites and following links embedded in unsolicited emails.
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Thank you for helping word get out about this malicious software. While Trend Micro virus protection software is aware of this trojan, some users may be fooled by the seeming authority of the claim. The best defense against this is awareness.

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