Spying Software Found on Chinese Devices

Jun 24, 2013 | comments

According to Reuters, several pieces of spying software have been identified on several devices owned by Chen, including an iPhone and an iPad he had received shortly after his arrival to the US from the wife of activist Bob Fu, the man who runs the Christian group called ChinaAid. 

After fleeing to the US last year in May, Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng was given a fellowship at the New York University. Now that the period of his fellowship has come to an end, some interesting aspects of the story have come to light.

The presence of the spyware has been brought to light by NYU professor Jerome Cohen and another individual familiar with the incident.
While some say that the devices were plagued with spy software right from the start, others point the finger at the NYU for installing the applications.
Among the spy applications, technicians found one that secretly turned the devices into a tracking system, and a password-protected program that uploaded data to a remote server.
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