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Jun 23, 2013 | comments,Anonymous social networking

The world has changed, and it is important for us to face certain realities i.e; there’s a greater reliance on technology,this has led to significantly less face-to-face interactions,even when such interactions occur, rarely are they wholly honest conversations and this leaves most of us desperately resorting to the web to engage in anonymous discussion boards or to create alias Twitter accounts just to be heard.

The general idea behind engage in anonymous and truthful discourse with people you already know. This is done by connecting your Facebook account to an alias (“AlterEgo”) that you create, and then interacting with other users from your current network of friends who also have AlterEgos.

How can this be used toward forming better relationships? Well, for one thing, it will allow users to be completely honest about themselves. A lot of topics are difficult to talk about (such as one’s mental health) and have potential professional consequences (not getting hired because of a history of depression). can give people this medium for expressing their emotions or thoughts honestly, without fear of people knowing their true identity.

This anonymity also allows for the changing of personal behaviors and the development of overall empathy. As people learn sensitive things about their friends, they may become more socially aware of and self-identifying with the daily struggles of others, and thereby change their day-to-day behaviors or interactions with them. So, the result? Closer bonds with those around us.
We don’t have to sacrifice honesty in the age of social media. If Dan Humphrey was able to pull off complete anonymity for five years and end up with a closer set of friends, why shouldn’t we? 

Try out for yourself.........!

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