Install Google Play Android apps on Kindle Fire without root

Mar 2, 2012 | comments


  • Android Device running with an active Google Play install (to allow for application installs)
  • A computer with the Android SDK running
  • A Kindle Fire

Android Phone/Device Steps

  1. Install the application you want to ALSO install on your Kindle Fire onto your Android phone or device.
  2. Post Install, connect your phone/device to your computer
  3. Use adb to pull the .apk file from your device onto your computer for install onto the kindle.

Kindle Installation

  1. Connect your Kindle Fire to your computer and make sure the SD Card mounts
  2. Enable unknown sources:
    1. Tap the “gear” by the wifi and battery icons,  tap settings, Device.
    2. Slide on “Allow Installation of Applications (from unknown sources)”
  3. Copy the newly obtained .apk from the root of your Android SDK directory (/Android/tools/ in my case)
  4. Paste the .apk on your Kindle Fire’storage (Documents or Downloads for example)
  5. Use a file explorer/manager installed from the Amazon app store to navigate to the directory you placed the .apk
  6. Tap the .apk after it has been copied and install like normal (be sure you check permissions)

Thats it!

Enjoy playing Draw Something without rooting your device!



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