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1. Write. Write stuff. Write stuff people like to read.Most often blogs end up being abused by people who think the world is waiting to know what happens to them every second (I don't deny them this right...they have it!), however the same thing can be presented in a way that forces the reader to continue reading. Simple check! read as though you didn't write it. Funny? worth posting? go ahead post.
2. Article marketing is one of the best and easy way to get targeted traffic for your blog. By writing and submitting articles to article directories, you will not only get backlinks and traffic, but you will also gain the credibility as a writer, which is a most important factor to become a successful blogger. Once you build a reputation as a good writer, the articles you submit in article directories will get more views and increase the number of visitors to your blog via your articles.
3. Discussion forums are a great way to drive traffic to your blog. Most successful bloggers would have used this technique to drive traffic for their blog since discussion forums are a great online marketing tool. The traffic from discussion forums are instant i.e., if you stay active in the forum for a reasonable time and post expert answers to the questions given in there with a backlink to your blog in the signature line, then you will be receiving traffic from these forums immediately.
4. Doing guest posts on another blogs can prove to be a great source of targeted traffic and is also a link building method to help you with the SEO. You just have to write a killer post, so the other blog’s readers will be curious to see who wrote it, but make sure to only write on blogs related to yours, because only targeted traffic matters. If you write on a blog that doesn’t have anything to do with your niche, then nobody will be interested in your blog and they will neither visit yours, or visit it and leave immediately and this can prove to be a real time waster.
5. Submit to Blog Search engines.Most people search for blogs not on the major search engines, but on blog search engines. So make sure your blog has been submitted to these engines. The more the merrier. Search on google for blog search engines and submit your blog to all of these.
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