Google Adsense Approval triks

Feb 17, 2011 | comments

adsence approval tricks

Now a days bloggers are not get approved for adsense program due to heavy traffic in participation as a publisher in adsense. thus adsense has started making strict and standard
valuation of the site.
so mostly domains are approved now a day. if the person feel than domains are costly.
there are some google friendly domains. which too can be used such domain in
which can be used as DNS,A,MX and CNAME records, thus the blog users can change their name to this domain ( instead of
free domain setup is simple. just follow the steps below

1.Goto ur browser and open to
2.type for a free domain which u want to use and see wheather it is avaluable
3.if ur desired name is avaluable make a register to it. step u have to setup for a domain to do so goto "setup--->manage domain" "zone records" in that column "host" type your domain name (
6.then choose "CNAME" for "TYPE" then type "" in the value box then click
setup button.

next think to do in blogger do as follow:

1.goto to and login. "setting--->publishing" then select "switch to :. custom domain"
3.then click on that "already own a domain:switch to advance setting"
4.In "your domain" column type ur domain name which u have created in" save setting " button to finish.

note: it take nearly 1-2days for ur new domain to take action. mean while if any one entering to ur site through blospot. it will be redirected to ur new domain name
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