Arachni v0.4

Jan 9, 2012 | comments

Arachni is a high-performance (Open Source) Web Application Security Scanner Framework written in Ruby.Arachni uses various techniques to compensate for the widely heterogeneous environment of web applications.

This includes a combination of widely deployed techniques (taint-analysis, fuzzing, differential analysis, timing/delay attacks) along with novel technologies (rDiff analysis, modular meta-analysis) developed specifically for the framework.
This allows the system to make highly informed decisions using a variety of different inputs; a process which diminishes false positives and even uses them to provide human-like insights into the inner workings of web applications.

This version includes lots of goodies, including:

  • A new light-weight RPC implementation (No more XMLRPC)
  • High Performance Grid (HPG) — Combines the resources of multiple nodes for lightning-fast scans
  • Updated WebUI to provide access to HPG features and context-sensitive help
  • Accuracy improvements and bugfixes for the XSS, SQL Injection and Path Traversal modules
  • New report formats (JSON, Marshal, YAML)
  • Cygwin package for Windows
New plugins

  • ReScan — It uses the AFR report of a previous scan to extract the sitemap in order to avoid a redundant crawl.
  • BeepNotify — Beeps when the scan finishes.
  • LibNotify — Uses the libnotify library to send notifications for each discovered issue and a summary at the end of the scan.
  • EmailNotify — Sends a notification (and optionally a report) over SMTP at the end of the scan.
  • Manual verification — Flags issues that require manual verification as untrusted in order to reduce the signal-to-noise ratio.
  • Resolver — Resolves vulnerable hostnames to IP addresses.

IF you want a slightly more detailed description of what’s changed you can check here, or view the ChangeLog.


CDE Package For LINUX
Arachni is released as a CDE package for your convinience.
CDE packages are self contained and thus alleviate the need for Ruby and other dependencies to be installed.
You can download the latest CDE package from the download page and escape the dependency hell.
Cygwin Package For WINDOWS

Arachni does not yet run natively on Windows systems, however until that day comes you can download a pre-configured Cygwin environment containing Arachni and its dependencies. All you need to do is download the self-extracting archive, select a directory for it, open it up and then execute the Cygwin batch file.
You will then be presented with a Bash shell, after that you'll be able to use Arachni as if you were on a Linux system.

You can download Arachni v0.4 here :

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