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Jul 16, 2011 | comments

Latest Google Dorks

Google Dork :   “index of cgi-bin”  
Description :   CGI directories contain scripts which can often be exploited by attackers.
Google Dork : allinurl:"User_info/auth_user_file.txt"
Description : Files containing passwords
 Google Dork: -inurl:htm -inurl:html -inurl:php intitle:”index of” (mpg|avi|wmv) “Coldplay”
Description : Can be used to discover Videos and Mp3 songs (copy the complete string)
 Google Dork :
  1. Axis:
    inurl:”view/indexFrame.shtml”inurl:”view/index.shtml”intitle:”Live View / – AXIS”intitle:axis cameraintitle:”axis #Kameramodell#”
  2. Canon:
  3. JVC:
    intitle:”V.Networks [Motion Picture(Java)”

  4. EvoCam:
    intitle:”EvoCam” inurl:”webcam.html”

  5. WebcamXP:
    intitle:”my webcamXP server!”


  7. Panasonic:

  8. FlexWatch:

  9. Toshiba:
    intitle:”TOSHIBA Network Camera – User Login”

  10. Sony:
 Description : Used to Dig In WebCams

 Google Dork : "Welcome to phpMyAdmin" AND " Create new database"
 Description : PhpMyAdmin Dork. phpMyAdmin is a widly spread webfrontend used to mantain sql databases.The default security mechanism is to leave it up to the admin of the website to put a .htaccess file in the directory of the application.

 Google Dork :
  1. inurl:-cfg intext:"enable password"
  2. filetype:ini "[FFFTP]” (pass|passwd|password|pwd)
  3. filetype:sql “phpmyAdmin SQL Dump” (pass|password|passwd|pwd)
  4. filetype:sql “PostgreSQL database dump” (pass|password|passwd|pwd)
  5. inurl:htpasswd filetype:htpasswd

  Description: For Passwords


 Google Dork :
  1. inurl:src/login.php
  2. adminlogin.asp
  3. allinurl:”exchange/logon.asp”
  4. inurl:+:8443/login.php3
  Description: Login Pages requires SQLI (hint) or other techniques



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