Thanksgiving Screensaver Malware

Nov 19, 2012 | comments

A malware designed to infect your PC has been found hidden inside an innocuous Thanksgiving screen-saver.When millions of Americans are preparing to celebrate Thanksgiving with their families and friends.

TheThanksgiving screensaver that you just downloaded from the net may not be entirely safe,while you are being presented with a slideshow, the screensaver is silently connecting to a website and attempting to download malicious code, allowing malicious hackers to take remote control of your computer.

Malware also drops a new DLL, called ssheay.dll, which poses as an Add-in for Outlook. A link to the DLL is added into the Registry, ensuring that the code is run automatically each time the computer is started.

So,If you're celebrating Thanksgiving please look after yourself by ensuring your computers are properly patched against the latest security flaws.........................thank's n cheer's from indiatriks.
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