PC-Doctor Factory Express v5.1.5461.00

Dec 8, 2011 | comments

Designed for small-to-medium volume manufacturers and service/repair centers, PC-Doctor Factory Express for Windows gives you the same Windows diagnostics and features used by major OEMs. Providing all the automation capability and powerful scripting previously only available to our contract customers, PC-Doctor Factory Express can take your PC or PC-type device business to the next level of quality and automation.

Target Users
• Small-to-medium system builders
• Enterprise PC service organizations
• Small-to-medium repair and support centers or depots
• Major manufacturers with small-scale design or repair/support centers

Product Includes
* PCI POST card
* USB test device
* Power supply tester
* Downloadable product documentation
* USB license dongle (required for diagnostic product use)
* Downloadable PC-Doctor IT Toolkit GUI-based XML script editor
* Downloadable PC-Doctor Factory Express for Windows diagnostics with command line and GUI interfaces
* Five loopback devices for RJ45 ports, game, serial, audio and parallel ports

Key Benefits
- Reduces out-of-box failures
- Reduces troubleshooting time
- Saves testing time by automating the test process
- Verifies service quality for service and repair centers
- Reduces end user returns by verifying system configuration and quality in manufacturing
- Reduces cost by providing system validation before the system is delivered to your customer

Key Features
» Full automation using command line options
» One-time purchase with low minimum volume requirement
» Easy-to-use graphical script editor for creating XML test scripts
» The same full-featured, world-class diagnostics used by major OEMs
» Factory/service GUI available for monitoring at the system under test
» System information and test results can be stored as TXT or XML files for extended reporting and tracking
» Extensible integrate existing test applications using the exclusive middleware module to consolidate testing into one test run
» First year maintenance and support included in purchase price; optional maintenance and support for subsequent years may be purchased to receive software updates and product support
» Fully compatible with Windows 2003 and above including Windows Vista and PE

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